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The Milepost 2024

The Milepost 2024

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The MILEPOST is the best-selling travel guide to Alaska and a quintessential reference for travelers who love Alaska. The MILEPOST includes mile-by-mile descriptions of more than 15,000 miles of roads across Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta. Its 660-plus pages detail accommodations, camping, fishing, gas stops, restaurants, attractions, and services found along the highways and byways of Alaska and western Canada. The guide's Travel Planning section answers frequently-asked questions about travel in the North, including what you need to know about crossing the international border, traveling with pets, the Alaska ferry system, driving conditions, railroads, tours and wildlife. Suggested itineraries are mapped out to help travelers pre-plan and navigate their trips.

The 2024 edition of The MILEPOST® is the 76th Edition of this classic annual travel guide, which was first published in 1949 as a 72-page guide to the recently opened Alaska ("Alcan") Highway. While the log of the Alaska Highway is still the foundation of this guide, it has been joined by dozens of connecting routes as well as newer roads, such as the Dalton Highway, the Dempster Highway, and the recently opened road to Tuktoyaktuk. All highway logs, which are updated every year by field editors, include a look at the history of the route and often the natural history of the areas and region. The Alaska Highway section includes a brief history of the Alaska Highway that is a poignant reminder of the scale of this project. The Alaska Highway was named an International Historical Engineering landmark in 1996. The MILEPOST® has more than 100 city and highway maps; the wildly popular extra-large, fold-out Plan-A-Trip Map; more than 690 photos; and numerous sidebar features of special interest. Print book buyers gain free access to a digital edition.