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Alaska Roadhouse Recipes

Alaska Roadhouse Recipes

$ 16.95

This cookbook provides a taste of the North Country for you or your friends. It features memorable recipes from the roadhouses, lodges, bed and breakfasts, cafes, restaurants and campgrounds along the highways, byways and waterways of Alaska and Northwestern Canada. The cookbook gives you 224 pages filled with appetizers; breads; main dishes; desserts; soups, salads and side dishes; sauces and preserves; and beverages.

You'll find everything from Moose Creek Chicken (originally known as "40-below Chicken") and Arctic Dip to Lowbush Cranberry Butter and Alaska Rhubarb Pie, along with photos and captions that profile some of the personalities and places sharing their recipes with you.

That friendly guy you see on the cover of the cookbook is Chef Greybeard, an Alaskan Bush resident who works as morning chef for Alaska Wildland Adventures' Kenai River trips. He spends his winter months on Caribou Island, Skilak Lake, enjoying winter activities and dreaming up new recipes.

Below are a couple of sample recipes from Alaska Roadhouse Recipes, which you can get at your local bookstore or from us. Enjoy!